Navigate Academy is an online training platform developed exclusively for systems integration and related technology companies.

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Introducing Navigate Academy

At last, there’s an online training program specifically designed for systems integrators and their technology partners.

Over the last decade, the audiovisual integration industry has seen monumental advances in technology and systems. With those advances come more difficult challenges when it comes to selling and managing multiple overlapping projects, which themselves have grown more complex and require greater coordination and collaboration among numerous entities.

Companies are struggling to align the disciplines of portfolio management (strategy), project management (effectiveness), process management (efficiency) and people management (performance).  The Navigate Academy addresses all of these disciplines based on proven best practices, bringing maturity and sustainability to your company, reducing the chaos, drama and redo with your business, ultimately increasing profits and morale.

What Is Navigate Academy?​

The Academy is designed on discrete lesson plans presented at once a month. Each lesson plan brings a new theme – each containing a live webinar, an action item and quiz aligned to the lesson plan, plus a supporting podcast and video.  For those with a competitive streak, there’s also a way to accumulate points and rewards.

Live Webinar

The foundation of each lesson plan is the live 45-minute webinar. All webinars are hosted by Brad Malone. If you miss the live webinar – no problem! All our webinars are recorded and can be accessed by members on demand.

Points and Rewards

As you progress through each lesson plan, you earn points, and our program gives you rewards and recognition for your achievements.

Project Management Institute Certification Renewal

Each completed monthly lesson plan will be eligible to receive a Project Management Institute® Professional Development Unit (PDU) towards Project Management Professional® (PMP) certification renewal or an Education Unit towards PMP eligibiity requirements.

Action Item

Each lesson plan includes a homework assignment and a quiz, based on the webinar. The purpose of the action item is to help you put the ideas from the webinar into action. Learn by doing.

Podcasts and Videos

In our ten-minute podcasts, and five-minute videos, we explore the theme for each month, and learn from our peers. We talk with subject matter and industry experts, who share lessons and examples about their businesses.

AVIXA Certification Renewal

Each completed monthly lesson plan will be eligible to receive an AVIXA® Renewal Unit (RU) towards Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) recertification.

AVI-SPL on the Value of Navigate Academy

What difference do you see in your Project Managers that have gone through Navigate Academy?

We see greater focus, obviously on the upfront project planning, risk management, communication, kickoff meetings, etc. Really setting the stage for a successful project early on. Really making sure that we're properly planning well ahead of the game, so then it just comes down to execution. We really put a lot of focus on change management as well, and explaining that process.

— Mark Linton, SVP Systems Integration at AVI-SPL

AVIXA on the Evolution of Program Design

You teach a Project Management for AV course for us every year at InfoComm. And every year, it's a full house and it's always great

— Rachel Bradshaw, Director of Program Design, AVIXA

Navigate and AVIXA share a passion for standards and raising the bar on professionalism in the AV industry. With the Navigate Academy, now there’s a way to learn from Brad Malone, and earn CTS RUs without having to wait for InfoComm!

Yes, I want to achieve better business results.

Standards are one of the Pillars of a Professional Society

Mandy Beckner, Vice President of Learning, AVIXA explains the three pillars of a professional society. “You need three key ingredients – you need a documented body of knowledge. I’m very proud of the second ingredient, which is our third-party-accredited certification program that is supported by the industry and run by the industry. And finally, the standards development program.”

I’ve had the privilege of working with and knowing Brad since I began with AVIXA in 2013. Over the years he’s been an instrumental part of helping our industry succeed as a partner to AVIXA and to hundreds of our members. You will learn more than you can imagine with him and perhaps the most important lesson being, in his own words, ‘hard work, courage, perseverance and a willingness to take personal responsibility triumphs’. Brad and his team are eminently suited to teach just these lessons

— Dave Labuskes, CEO, AVIXA

Navigate Management Consulting provides immediate impact to our AV and Security integrators around leadership, operations and metrics. They are a catalyst for Systems Integrators to create efficiencies and help all levels of the organization grow and transform. We are excited that the Navigate Academy makes all the principles Brad Malone teaches more accessible to our members than ever.

— Chris Salazar-Mangrum, Vice President of USAV

PSNI on the Challenges of Global Project Management

Navigate has been instrumental in guiding us to build and develop processes. You also helped up develop certification testing, which has become the backbone of what we do. Today, our member say that the processes and templates you developed for us are better than the ones they are using in their companies. Navigate just nails it in your curriculum, and in your workshops. You've helped our members around the world embrace the processes you put together for us.

— Chris Miller, Executive Director at PSNI Global Alliance

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Foundational Principles Track

Earn 1 CTS RU and 1 PMP PDU per month
$ 30 Per Month

Elevated Principles Track

Earn 2 CTS RUs and 2 PMP PDUs per month
$ 50 per Month

Elevated Principles Track

Earn 2 CTS RUs and 2 PMP PDUs per month
$ 50 per Month

2-hour, 4 hour, 1 day and multi-day

online and onsite training sessions

Have a custom class in mind?
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2-hour, 4 hour, 1 day and multi-day

online and onsite training sessions

What Kind of Topics Do You Cover at Navigate Academy?

Leadership & Culture

Business Management Principles

Process Management


Project Management

The first Eight lesson plans at Navigate Academy, and why they are important

Concepts of Projects vs Operations

What fundamentally makes up a project? Understanding the differences will help you navigate your assigned project – whether it’s the time constraint, the challenges of uncertainty and risk, and/or the inevitable changes which will occur.

Distinguishing Leadership from Management

Being able to distinguish between and understand the key attributes of leadership and management is essential to success within any organization.  It takes conscious thought and practice to develop leadership and management skills – and a willingness to confront one’s own ego.

Essential Roles within a Project

Identifying and understanding the importance and responsibilities of each of the primary roles necessary to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control and close a project gives you access to identifying stakeholder motivations, decision making structures, issue escalation and resolution strategies, and benefits realization practices.

Project-Based Financial Concepts

Understanding the concepts and interrelationships of the foundational project-based financial matters of a company are essential to success.  Creating visible and transparent project-based financial metrics helps a company’s employees keep score and stay on track towards a healthy and sustainable company.

Concepts of Process Management – Lean Principles

What is the purpose and result of your processes (whether sales, technical, administrative, etc.), and are they in alignment with your organization’s goals and strategies? Everyone should understand why processes are in place and be able to measure their effectiveness and efficiency. If an integrator is engaged in an activity on a routine basis, people need to know why and how they make a difference – and improve upon their contribution.

Understanding and Shaping Company Culture

A company’s culture is displayed in many forms – its quality standards, its work ethic, its motivation and incentive strategies, how it measures and rewards performance. It is critical to understand and be able to shape (and potentially alter) the culture of your company through the alignment and reward of everyday actions by employees up / down / across the organization.

Typical AV / Systems Integration Project Lifecycle

A company which defines, manages, measures and improves its project lifecycle(s) will improve its efficiencies and its profits. Projects typically follow a Sales / Proposal, Planning, Engineering, Procurement, Rough Installation, Fabrication, Programming, Final Installation, Commissioning, Training, and Transition to Warranty / Service.

Key Performance Metrics

Business leaders often set goals that are never achieved because the company’s team members’ roles, current job functions, and processes are not lined up to work towards the same goals. Alignment between role, associated performance metrics and desired goal(s) is the key to a company’s continued success. Without it, businesses don’t grow and reach their full potential. This seminar shows how to use metrics to bring the management team into focus and action.

A note from Brad Malone

Over the last 15 years, I have had the pleasure of working directly with more than 100 small and large systems integrations companies and technology management organizations across the globe.  I’ve seen incredible progress in the management and leadership of many organizations as they navigate all the change that is occurring in the both technology and business marketplace.

I’ve also learned an incredible amount through instructing numerous courses and workshops for AVIXA®, NSCA®, and the Project Management Institute, training more than 25,000 participants in organizational project, process and business management maturity principles.

The principles we focus on at Navigate Academy are foundational. That is, you apply them mostly by following them – the lessons taught in the course are applied in real-life – where the rubber hits the road. No advanced degree is required, there is no magic pill available and there is no silver bullet.

What I promise – and what my and my team’s experience has been with leaders and individuals at companies that follow this guidance – is that hard work, courage, perseverance and a willingness to take personal responsibility triumphs.  I’ve also found that most companies in this industry are yearning for leadership qualities – especially in their middle and junior management levels.

Because Principles That Work, Take Work.


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$45/month Elevated Principles

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AV professionals, systems integration professionals, technology management organizations

Our learning management system keeps track of your employees’ attendance and completion of the entire lesson plan.

Each lesson plan will be listed on the AVIXA CTU RU portal.

AVIXA requires each person to submit certificate of completion for each Module. A ‘Download CTS Certificate’ button appears when each Module is completed. 

The Project Management Institute is based on the honor system. Each person must go to the PMI CCRS system and log their hours.

No, payments are made month to month and you can cancel at any time.

Although we highly recommend attending the live webinar, if you are unable you can always listen on demand.

Yes, I want to achieve better business results.


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