L30: Monthly Sales and Operations Planning Meetings

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Monthly Sales and operations Planning meetings are designed to reduce or eliminate the common practices we see today in many companies: (1) Monthly Income Statement looks like irregular heartbeat chart of a very sick patient (spikes everywhere); (2)Management has no visibility into income / cash forecast; (3) Management is surprised by monthly results each month; (4) Management makes decisions on “gut” feel – often making the exact wrong move for what was needed (hire when should be downsizing, downsizing when should be hiring); (5) Employees get tired of the hire / fire cycles and move away from company / industry; and (6) Customers are always in “search” for the provider that will simply “meet” their commitments

Why is this session important?

The goal of monthly Sales and Operations planning meetings should be to plan, align and manage your integration company to your intended results. This session includes the templates, methodology and steps integrators can take to achieve this goal, plus an outline of what each role needs to bring to the monthly meeting, and what actions to take away based on the planning meeting to improve the month’s results.