L16 – Importance of Strategic and Operational Planning

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Strategic planning is essential to the on-going health and future success of the business.   Business leaders should be as intentional about the evolution of the business as they are in the day-to-day running of the business.  This webinar will review common strategic planning fails, and what you can do to overcome them to build vibrant, meaningful, and effective strategic plans that yield actual business results.   Plan and conduct strategic planning for effectiveness in driving business results. 

Why is this session important?

We accept the wisdom of the ages that planning for the future is important, yet many of us are reluctant to invest the time, energy and resources into planning for our business success.

Often, strategic planning is something that is only done when the business environment is changing. More often, businesses back into their strategic plan from what they see immediately in front of them instead of setting destination first, then intentionally choosing course and speed. Instead they set a budget, then build out initiatives (often that do not actually tie to the intended results), then develop a “cover story” of a strategy.

Along the way, the leadership team splinters into their own agenda and the predictable lackluster results show in the financials year after year.